Treasured Memories Part III

"One day the field mouse, J. A. Droffats, went off adventuring. When he returned a few days later, the toy store was empty. He wandered about from room to room. Everything was gone. When he opened his own door, he found Velvet's note in his coat pocket. 'Mr. J. A. , thank you so much for being my friend. I will remember you forever. '

The mouse's hands shook. He sniffled and paced around his bedroom. Finally, sighing, he went to his wardrobe to pack. It was time to move on. J. A. Droffats left with his belongings two days later.

My family passed this story down through many generations. I think about Velvet every once in awhile. What do you think happened to her? Did she follow her dreams of becoming an art teacher and writer? Did she have a little girl of her own who would love her father's miniature bed and rabbit princess as much as she had? I'll never know.

What I do know, though, is J. A. shared his tender memories of Velvet with his whole family. We have all cherished his story. We mice consider our memories our stories. We know that they are treasures kept forever in our hearts, never to be forgotten." (la fin from the Caribbean - Earth)