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Dicken Duckling

(2015: Dimensional Work - Darcy Duckling from The Penstemon Farm Collection - Private Collection)

“So while Whimble Designs manifests itself through a visual tour de force, my feeling is that the soul of Whimble ultimately lies in story, in the words and experiences these magical beings wish to share. I see a world alive and moving, where Whimbles inspire us to believe in the power of imagination and to connect with the animal spirits everywhere around us and within our own hearts.”  

Jan Wyatt, 1996, Professional Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia

Clementine Duck

((2015: Dimensional Work - Clementine's embellished backside from The Penstemon Farm Collection - Artist Collection))


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Giclee Print: Clemmie Duck


Quote from "The Chronicles of Wadleigh Weasel & The Whimbles - An Early Spring Tale" - 2015; narrated by The River Birch

Hope is very powerful so I was not surprised that Clemmie laid an egg at dawn that very day. 

The duck exploded off her nest. It was as if her tail feathers caught fire. She waddled as fast as her webbed feet would take her to the barn's entrance. She quacked with such joy I thought her heart might burst. 

"Come one and all. Come see my miracle egg!" she announced. 

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