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“So while Whimble Designs manifests itself through a visual tour de force, my feeling is that the soul of Whimble ultimately lies in story, in the words and experiences these magical beings wish to share. I see a world alive and moving, where Whimbles inspire us to believe in the power of imagination and to connect with the animal spirits everywhere around us and within our own hearts.”

— Jan Wyatt, 1998, Professional Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia

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Accessory - Fabric: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins


From Whimble Tale, "Guardians of the Patch"

Harvest in The Upper Meadows is the Pillow Whimbles' favorite time of year. The fall solstice marks not only the lengthening of nights and cooler days but also the annual Pillow Whimble Pumpkin Contest.

Lumenesians from all the colonies come during the week before the contest to admire the many Pillow Whimble pumpkin patches. They walk carefully between one row and another looking for both the largest and smallest pumpkin.

Only one of each, smallest and largest, will win the prize. It's anyone's guess whose pumpkin will indeed win until the judged choices are measured and weighed on October 31st. Then and only then are the two most perfect known throughout the land.

Which would you choose?

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Trolliver's Harvest Pumpkin Wreath

Pillow Whimble brothers Devon, Dillon, and Delaney have been inspired to create the most serendipitous autumn wreath I have ever seen. Dillon, the youngest of the three, organizes handiwork. He instructed Devon to cut various fall-hued habotai silk ribbons in eight…


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