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“So while Whimble Designs manifests itself through a visual tour de force, my feeling is that the soul of Whimble ultimately lies in story, in the words and experiences these magical beings wish to share. I see a world alive and moving, where Whimbles inspire us to believe in the power of imagination and to connect with the animal spirits everywhere around us and within our own hearts.”

— Jan Wyatt, 1998, Professional Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia

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Duckling: Dicken the Duckling - Honorary Friend of The Whimbles


This Spring, Dicken, Dippity, Deveraux, and others will grow as quickly as the trees around them at Penstemon Farm will green. Their mothers deliberated carefully over their whimsical bonnets and wraps. They are ever so pleased to be Honorary Friends of The Whimbles and hope you will place one on your favorite tabletop during this upcoming season of anticipation.

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Snowflakes Under Glass Part I

Late winter sunshine peeked through Annabelle's bedroom window. A crisp breeze laced with early spring tickled her eyelids. Inviting as the day was, the Sweet Pea Whimble was ever so content staying a bit longer tucked in her cozy feather bed.



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Recent Inspiration

A Glimpse of The Wintertime Whimble Studio

I, Faith, was created over Valentine's weekend and am Theodora the Extraordinary Lamb's Angel Rider.  Her name means "God's Gift" which complements mine to perfection.   



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