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A Hare for All Seasons

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“So while Whimble Designs manifests itself through a visual tour de force, my feeling is that the soul of Whimble ultimately lies in story, in the words and experiences these magical beings wish to share. I see a world alive and moving, where Whimbles inspire us to believe in the power of imagination and to connect with the animal spirits everywhere around us and within our own hearts.”

— Jan Wyatt, 1998, Professional Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia

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Orchid Whimble Companion: Elspeth the Elfin Dragon from The Grasslands, Lumenesia


The Orchid Whimble twins, Sasha and Rudi, adore their Companion, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon. They rely on her to fly them from one Whimble Colony in Lumenesia to another. They also confer with her about the care of any of their exotic plants, especially the abundant terrestrial lady slipper orchids that surround their home in The Grasslands. 

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Roots and Wings Part III

Fern woke bathed in the brilliance of mooonglow. Insects chattered all around her. 

"Highness, you most majestic oak! What a fine night to climb to your very tippy top!" she spoke to the tree excitedly. 

The fireflies, intermingling with rustling…


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Recent Inspiration

The Birth of Edwin Valentino, Hare for All Seasons Part II

The next morning, Jacob and I watered the Patio Gardens. The plants have been growing as fast as Summer's Passionate Light has quickened. Edwin was eager to help, but, alas, he couldn't without clothes or hands.



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