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“So while Whimble Designs manifests itself through a visual tour de force, my feeling is that the soul of Whimble ultimately lies in story, in the words and experiences these magical beings wish to share. I see a world alive and moving, where Whimbles inspire us to believe in the power of imagination and to connect with the animal spirits everywhere around us and within our own hearts.”

— Jan Wyatt, 1998, Professional Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia

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Figure or Planter Spike - Ceramic: Rudi's Heart Treasure


Orchid Whimble Rudi's heart always beats a little faster when he sees his Lumenesian Grassland neighbor, Orchid Whimble, Sybil, who is fond of wandering in the meadows near the twins' cottage looking for the choicest violets. Her Birth Butterfly, a fritillary, flutters above her as she investigates. Often, Sasha, Rudi's twin sister, asks Sybil to share a cup of mint tea.  

Sometimes, Rudi takes one of the unique handmade hearts that the twins create, into the nearby mushroom patch, sits atop one, and pretends he is offering his heart to Sybil. 

Do you think he will win her favor?  

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Magical Moonlight Flight Part I

The Spring Solstice Night Dragon, Eliza, flew through the New Light Caelumen evening sky. She stretched her wings out to their fullest. The silky air flowed gently over the elfin dragon's shimmering scales. It was clear - perfect for flying. The stars surrounding the moon, Vesperata, twinkled…


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Recent Inspiration

The Whimbles Celebrate Early Spring with Bostwick the Rabbit Scribe

I came into being on the day of Spring Solstice many rabbit years ago. I grew up in an enchanted home called Penstemon Farm, on a hillside surrounded by meadows and a deep forest.  My best friends include a group of beings called…


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