Treasured Memories Part I

Once upon a time, there was a very special toy store on an enchanted island almost as far away as Caelumen. One of my ancestors, tiny field mouse J. A. Droffats, lived there. The toy store was magical, not too big nor too small but just right sized for children to explore. It was full of nooks and crannies that held all sorts of treasures from tiny hand carved shoes with glittery buckles to miniature ball gowns that rustled and sparkled. There was an unimaginable variety of dolls. Each came with a wonderful armoire that held exquisite handsewn wardrobes. There were tiny angels in all colors. What a marvel they were! Some had feathers, others light reflecting crystals.

J. A. lived high on the ledge that ran all around the first floor of the store. The toymaker and owner lived above J. A. on the second floor with his family. My great great great uncle's home had a tiny door with a tiny acorn doorknob. He built a cozy little sleigh bed, covered with warm blankets and very soft pillows. His night table was just big enough for a wee tray for milk and cookies.  Nearby were his sky blue pantaloons, silken jackets trimmed with pearl buttons and some dashing berets." (to be continued from the Caribbean - Earth)