The First Snowfall Part I


Annabelle the Sweet Pea Whimble sat straight up in bed. The combined sounds of her squawk and snort had certainly disturbed her slumber.

"My goodness! What WAS that?" she asked herself, looking all around. The bedroom windows were open a crack for a bit of fresh air. The star-shaped nightlight twinkled by the door. Everything was in its place as it should be. She carefully climbed from bed, put on her fluffy pink slippers and walked around her tiny cottage.


Annabelle jumped into the air.

"Oh, my!" she exclaimed. "I'm sneezing. My snoot is so cold!"

Indeed, her snoot was waggling miserably. She remembered the refreshing nip in the air when she blew out her bedside table candle the night before. Now though, a definite chill filled her cottage.

"How grateful I am to Gillian, Delaney, and Dillon who just brought me firewood. I'll just light the first fire of the season. How cozy and warm it will be!"

The Sweet Pea Whimble walked to the fireplace, humming. Soon, there was a snap and crackle. "There, MUCH better!" she declared, warming her little hands over the hearth.

"Hummm. I might as well stay up for the sun to make his appearance. It's a perfect time to begin my holiday baking. (to be continued from The Working Gardens - Caelumen)