Snowflakes Under Glass Part I

Late winter sunshine peeked through Annabelle's bedroom window. A crisp breeze laced with early spring tickled her eyelids. Inviting as the day was, the Sweet Pea Whimble was ever so content staying a bit longer tucked in her cozy feather bed.

Annie's Companion, Gillian the Tiny Field Mouse, roared into the room. He scrambled up onto her coverlet.

"Good grief, little mouse. Go away! Can't you see I'm sleeping?"

Gillian, undeterred, sat down right next to her.  

"You promised, Annabelle! On the first sunny day we would go ballooning. Now look up and see how beautiful a day it is outside your window." Companion and Whimble looked up to admire the blue skies beyond the window. 

Gillian continued, relentless. "You must get up now, Annie! I've even made a tasty breakfast - scrambled eggs, golden brown pancakes, lots of warm maple syrup, and even freshly squeezed oranges from The Coves."

The Whimble's long snout sniffed the fine scents drifting all around. Her ears wiggled with delight. She popped out of bed. The watchmouse's meals were irresistible.

"And, the Thimballoon is scrubbed, polished, and ready for take-off."

Annie B. glanced outside. Indeed, her flying craft was resplendent in the morning light.

As soon as breakfast was over, the two adventurers were up, up and away. (to be continued from The Working Gardens - Caelumen)