The cousins carefully cut the fabric. They carried it piece by piece from Stafford's wee cottage up the ladder to Woodland Whimble Manning's larger one. All was quiet in the cottage. Manning and his heartmate were traveling south to visit both Orchid and Water Whimbles in The Grasslands and The Coves. The Woodland Companion and his cousin hopped through the Whimble entrance and headed straight for Sophie's craft room where a pretty antique sewing machine stood. Sophie had threaded both needle and bobbin. All was ready for Staffie.

For several hours each day he stepped on the little peddle and sewed away. He zigged and zagged, humming to himself, "My fall morning coat will be so fine, so fine, so fine."

All the while, Cousin Basil hand stitched the blue satin ribbon to arms, bells to pennant tips, pearls to collar. The day The Hillside Whimbles were to arrive, Stafford stood up with coat in hand.

"I've finished," he declared to Basil. "Just in time for our guests. What do you think, B?"

"Let's see how it fits, Staffie," replied his cousin earnestly, shaking the coat out. Stafford slid his left flipper in the sleeve.

"Oops! I've sewn the sleeve shut, Basil! And look. This sleeve is longer than the other. Why didn't I notice before now. Wendell and Jacob will be here this very afternoon!" Stafford wailed.  (to be continued from The Woodlands - Caelumen)