Sasha's Dream

Snuggled under her comforter, Sasha was taking a winter nap. Outside, falling snow glittered in the late afternoon sunlight.

The Orchid Whimble smiled in her sleep, dreaming.

A whir of wings filled the air. She was airborne, riding her Companion Elfin Dragon. They dipped down through billowy clouds, gliding over the lush green Grassland Glen. Sasha's twin, Rudi, head raised, stood below the Glen's lady slipper orchids blooms, soon to climb his wee serpentine ladder and place heart offerings into each.

"Elspeth! They're blooming! The orchids are blooming," Sasha cried out to her best friend. "Spring is finally here!"

"I saw them at dawn, Sassafras, one more perfect than the next," the dragon replied. "I wanted to surprise you."

The dragon's eyes sparkled. Her cheeks were ever so rosy.

Moments later the two landed and followed a fern lined path to join Rudi.

He greeted them both. "I brought all the hearts that we've made. I hope we have enough."

Sasha's whiskers twitched. "Were you baking some cinnamon tarts before coming here, Rudi? The aroma in the air here is...." 

Sasha never finished her sentence. She was startled to find her brother shaking her. 

"What are you doing, Rudi?" 

"Wake up sleepyhead. I've wonderful treats for you. Do come down to the kitchen. Elspeth just flew in to join us."

Sasha scrambled out from under her warm comforter, ears bobbing.

"Rudi, I've had the most marvelous dream!"

"You'll have to tell us all about it! But, let's not keep Elspeth waiting any longer!" he said, scurrying from the bedroom.  Sasha donned her party hat and followed her brother at a pace.

When she arrived, Elspeth was gazing at the kitchen windowsill. The Orchid Whimble put her arm around her Companion. Before them a pink lady slipper bloomed in its container.

 "I saw her beginning to open when the sun filled the room early this afternoon," Rudi exclaimed.

"Isn't she most lovely, Miss Sassy?" queried Elspeth.

"Yes, she is. She's the messenger telling us Winter will pass and Spring will surely follow," Sasha answered.

"Soon, then, we will see all The Glen's lady slipper bounty," added the dragon.

Yes, we will as well as tulips, daffodils..."

Elspeth interrupted her. "Do you think Rudi has been baking his specialty?" she sniffed the air, head up, ears pricked.

"Indeed, I have been," stated Rudi, sidling up to them. "Now you two must come enjoy some rose hips tea & cinnamon tart while we admire our first lady slipper."

(la fin from Penstemon Farm - Earth)