Sailing the Star-Filled Sea Part I

Annabelle, Annie, look out! You're flying too close to the water!" Thanu the Anciennan Cat cried. The Thimballoon dove perilously close to the glittering, Star-Filled Sea. 

"Not to worry, Thanu. I know exactly what I am doing! My goodness. Look at all those shimmering silvery stars! They're so beautiful!" Annabelle exclaimed. She maneuvered her Thimballoon even closer to the midnight blue water.

Thanu put on his life jacket. He was quite familiar with Sweet Pea Whimbles' fondness for sparkly objects and preferred to err on the side of safety.

Cat and Whimble skimmed merrily over the water. Above them, Vesperata the Moon, was full. Below them, light glowed. "Thanu, help me gather these stars. I want to fill my home with Magical Light!'

The Cat tilted his head toward the Moon. "You know, Annabelle, these sea stars don't want to leave their home. They want to stay just where they are."

Annabelle leaned over the edge of her Thimballoon. She lowered the net into the water. Within moments it was heavy with stars.

"Thanu," she exclaimed, "be a dear. Help me pull this net up into my Thimballoon. I can't manage it myself."

(to be continued from The Star-Filled Sea)