Roots and Wings Part I

Fern the Faery was exploring. She wound her way along a path from her Grasslands home into The Woodlands.

As Honorary Friends of The Whimbles, faeries are well received in Caelumen. They are skilled at flying but also, with the encouragement and training of companion elfin dragons, they become renowned Solstice Night Riders. On each solstice, faery riders and elfin dragons take to the sky to celebrate the arrival of a new season. 

Fern's neighbors, Orchid Whimble twins, Rudi and Sasha, often play with the young faery. She is not yet flying but is an agile climber. The twins find her winsome smile and adventuresome spirit much to their liking. Their Companion, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon, finds her enchanting. The two have struck up a fine friendship that will inevitably result in their riding together on future Solstice Nights.

The faerie's wings fluttered on the forest path, glimmering in the early morning summer light. "I must be close. I must be," Fern repeated. She ran now, around one bend, then another until… 

"Oh! I've found you, and aren't you grand? No wonder your name is Highness. Your branches reach into the sky!" she exclaimed to the towering oak tree. 

"Hello, down there. I've been waiting for you, little one." Fern shielded her eyes and looked carefully at the upper tree limbs. "Elspeth, you're playing 'hide and seek,' aren't you?" she questioned. "Well then, I'm coming up to find you." 

In a blink of an eye, she climbed to the dragon, who was draped on a branch behind an enormous leaf cover. "Ha! There you are!" she exclaimed. 

"A lovely morning to you, too, Fern," the elfin dragon replied, as cool as a cucumber. "Ever so pleased you found my favorite oak. I wasn't certain you would remember to come today. You've been busy with your grandparents' visit. (to be continued from The Woodlands, Lumenesia - Caelumen)