Magical Moonlight Flight Part I

The Spring Solstice Night Dragon, Eliza, flew through the New Light Caelumen evening sky. She stretched her wings out to their fullest. The silky air flowed gently over the elfin dragon's shimmering scales. It was clear - perfect for flying. The stars surrounding the moon, Vesperata, twinkled like diamonds in the soft velvet night. Eliza twirled, swooped, climbing higher and higher.

Immersed as she was in her flight, the dragon also sensed a wee light blinking about her head. The light easily kept pace with her. The elfin dragon spun upward, spiraled downward. Always, the light moved with her.

Eliza smiled. "I know you're there. It can only be you. Show yourself, Fritha."  (to be continued from Caelumen)