Diving in The Pearl Sea Part I

Annabelle hummed merrily, "La de de la de da."

The Sweet Pea Whimble was decorating her pale yellow diving helmet with seashells. She had discovered the old fashioned diving suit and helmet on an antiquing excursion. Ever since, she continually dreamed about deep sea adventures, swimming with colorful fish and turtles among fan shaped coral. But, her favorite imagining was being with the mermaids and seeing their gardens. They were rumored to be beautiful beyond words.

Gillian walked into the cozy cottage. "Annie B, where are you?" he called.

"I'm in my sewing room putting the finishing touches on my diving gear. Come see how handsome it is!"

The field mouse peeked through the door. "You know what I think of this plan of yours, Annabelle. I think you're safer on land or air than in the deepest of waters."

Annabelle turned to stare at her Companion. She stamped her little foot and frowned. "Well, Gillian, fiddle de, fiddle da. I am going to The Pearl Sea. That is that!"

"She has always been stubborn," Gillian thought to himself. "Yes, sir. Her mind is made up. I better keep her from as much trouble as a tiny mouse can.

"Okay, Annie. So since I can't change your mind, when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow morning at first light." she answered, hugging the mouse. "It's going to be wonderful! You'll see. Harvest Light is a marvelous time for sky sailing. Now, help me try on this suit and helmet."

Annabelle maneuvered herself into the diving suit. "Ugh. It's heavy, and I can't move well at all."

"Remember what the shopkeeper told you, Sweet Pea. It will feel just fine in the water," stated Gillian. The Whimble grabbed the helmet. That took even more maneuvering. It certainly hadn't been designed to accommodate her long squished snoot.

"There. Hob goo I wook?" Annabelle asked. Her voice, normally sweet and high, echoed nasal and flat.

"Fine, very very fine, Annie B.," Gillian replied. Hard as it was, he kept from grinning although his nose and whiskers quivered uncontrollably.

Soon, the diving suit was off, and pajamas were on. It was bedtime. The two needed their good sleepers for the adventure ahead.

(to be continued from The Working Gardens to The Pearl Sea - Caelumen)