A Whimbly Fourth of July Part I

The Fourth of July dawned at The Whimbles. Miss Martha and Master Jock snoozed peacefully in bed with Prince Pasha and Noelle. 

Lilly, the bare-eyed cockatoo, donning her favorite party hat and large glasses while preening in her nearby cage, whispered from time to time, "Lilliputs is a beautiful girl. Yes, she is, she is! Lilliputs is a pretty girl, she is, she is! Pasha is a naughty cat, he is, he is! Pasha is a sly cat, he is, he is!"

Suddenly patriotic music shattered the morning quiet. Whiz, bang, whiz, bang. Trumpets blared. Drum rolls sounded. Everyone tumbled out of bed.

"What's going on?" Lilly screeched, falling from her perch. Running to the window, Miss Martha and Master Jock stood stock still in amazement. There was Annabelle the Sweet Pea Whimble.

She was decked out in Fourth of July red, white and blue. Annabelle, wearing a red, white and blue ensemble, drew a megaphone to her beak, shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Bonjour, ma famille. Hello to all. Hello!"

"Good grief, Annabelle! Stop all the racket! It's too early!"  declared Jock from their Patio.

Annabelle bowed toward him. A red hat feather brushed the nearest sparkler and ignited. "Mon Dieu! Quickly! A fire extinguisher. Now!"

Soon the Whimble was wet from head to toe, fanning herself dry with her singed feathers.

As quiet reigned, Miss Martha asked, "Annabelle, would you kindly explain yourself, please?"   (to be continued from Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)