A Whimble Thanksgiving Part I

Manning the Woodland Whimble trotted along the Oak Forest Path. It was a crisp, cold, clear morning. He sported a velvet vest that his heartmate, Sophie, had tailored for him to wear when his feathers alone were not enough to keep him warm. 

The wind quickened. Remaining leaves pinwheeled down around him. Manning snuggled deeper into his vest, turning up his collar. The first snowfall, announcing Magical Light, had come and gone. Undoubtedly, more would be on the way, but this day the ground was dry.

"How lucky for me there will be no flurries today," Manning said to himself."At least that makes my task easier."

Yesterday, Sophie asked him to find plump perfect acorns to decorate their Thanksgiving table. He loved to see his sweetheart happy and looked forward to her smile when he returned with a bagful of beautiful nuts. So far, though, he had found none.

"Those squirrels and chipmunks have been here. I can't blame them for hiding their favorite food or storing it safely in their snug homes to enjoy throughout the winter," said a concerned Manning."I'd just like to share a few for our Thanksgiving meal."

(to be continued from The Woodlands - Caelumen)