Planter Spike - Rudi the Orchid Whimble

Planter Spike - Rudi the Orchid WhimblePlanter Spike - Rudi the Orchid WhimblePlanter Spike - Rudi the Orchid WhimblePlanter Spike - Rudi the Orchid Whimble

Cool breezes flow throughout The Grasslands where the Orchid Whimble twins, Rudi and Sasha, live with their Companion, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon. This ideal weather is perfect for many colorful species of terrestrial lady slipper orchids, mushrooms, wild flowers, and herbs that grow outside their wee cottage built into the meadow slope.

Every day the twins both work and play in their garden with their elfin dragon. After cultivating a rock garden or two, they will find much to create. Both are climbers. Rudi builds the most elaborately lightweight ladders from curly willow branches. He and his sister lean them against one orchid after another and climb up to the highest rung. There, they thread strong silk twist from one lady slipper to another on which they tie round pearly paper lanterns that reflect the bright stars and moonlight.

The Planter Spike pleases Rudi very much for it secures him firmly in any container where he can decide what plant to talk to or what game to play with his sister and Elspeth. 

Planter installation: figure - aprrox. 2" w x 4" h; spike - approx. 4" l; for installation in interior planters or protected exterior ones

If not in stock, may take four or six weeks to fulfill.

Planter Spike: Rudi the Orchid Whimble