Occasional Card: Bon Voyage

Occasional Card: Bon Voyage

An illustration for the to-be-published "Earthbound"

Lumenesia has rarely seen such excitement and activity. The Whimbles and their Companions are making final preparations for their long voyage from Caelumen to Earth.  Jacob bends over his sewing machine putting the finishing touches on wee Whimble pouches for the travelers. Jasmine, the Hillside Wimbles' Birth Butterfly, whispers helpful hints. His brother,Wendell and their Companion, Brill the House Wren, join Annabelle the Sweet Pea Whimble who watches her Companion, Gillian the Tiny Field Mouse, test-fly their new Thimballoon.  

Soon the journey will begin.  

5 x 7 unembellished card; hot press archival paper; Inscription: "Bon Voyage"

This image may also be produced as a giclee print. Please enquire if interested.

Occasonal Card: Bon Voyage