Giclee Print: Clemmie Duck

Giclee Print: Clemmie Duck

Quote from "The Chronicles of Wadleigh Weasel & The Whimbles - An Early Spring Tale" - 2015; narrated by The River Birch

Hope is very powerful so I was not surprised that Clemmie laid an egg at dawn that very day. 

The duck exploded off her nest. It was as if her tail feathers caught fire. She waddled as fast as her webbed feet would take her to the barn's entrance. She quacked with such joy I thought her heart might burst. 

"Come one and all. Come see my miracle egg!" she announced. 

Unique giclee print: vertical - approx. 13" x 19" (including border) - archival hot press paper

Each print is titled, signed, and dated.

Giclee Print: Clemmie Duck