The Caelumen Mythology

Treasures of the Heart

On the ancient Planet Zir lies a small hidden land called Caelumen, composed of two adjoining kingdoms: Ancienna, home to the wise ageless beings, Anciennans; Lumenesia, home to the wee folk, the Whimbles, their Companions, and Honorary Friends.

One dark winter night long ago Caelumen’s Spine, the north-south lifeline between Ancienna and Lumenesia, was destroyed by a series of catastrophic events. When the earthquakes, landslides, and avalanches subsided, the land was divided, its Spine broken. 

As the land lay dying, Thaddeus, its king and protector, commands an Anciennan, Thanu the Sea Cat, to undertake a perilous journey. His mission is to heal the land to its former brilliance.

In recent times, King Thaddeus sees light dimming on another land in a faraway galaxy. There, trees are felled, plants are dying, animals are disappearing. One of this galaxy's inhabitants, humans,  uncaring, are causing a terrible disconnection between themselves and their beautiful planet Earth. The king weeps.

Again he calls upon an Anciennan to help him. He instructs Harmonium, Ram of the Winds and Master of Enchantment, to create magical bubbles. Each is programmed with the knowledge of a precise flight pattern to carry chosen Lumenesians on a trajectory through space to an exact destination on Earth.

Weeks pass before the travelers enter the planet’s atmosphere. Each remembers Thaddeus' words as they float down toward their new home:

Lead with your hearts and lighten the world.

A Heart in an Eggshell Basket