The Working Gardens

The Sweet Pea Whimble Colony, also known as The Working Gardens, is west of The Woodlands and extends east to The Longest Night Sea. Bordered on the north by The White Mountains and to the south by giant cypress that march to the footprint of Column Road and The Whispering River, the colony is renown for its rich soil and abundant harvests.  Lumenesians from near and far come to The Working Gardens to tend the cultivated raised beds to ensure the wealth of produce for all the land. Milkweed flourishes in the colony’s wildflower fields. It provides the host plant for the Monarch Butterfly, King Thaddeus’ chosen Birth Butterfly for the Sweet Pea Whimbles. Hickory tree groves are plentiful in the northern foothills of The White Mountains. The nut is gathered early each fall. After the hulls are removed for garden mulch, the nuts are cracked and stored for healthy snacking throughout the year. The Hicodus Owl, resident protector, nests in the White Fir, the colony’s northern mountain sentinel.

Denizens of The Working Gardens