The Hillside

The northernmost Lumenesian colony, The Hillside, is flanked to the northwest by both The Spine and The Blue Mountains; to the northeast by The Emperor Mountains. The outer perimeter stretches beyond the mountains to the icy coast of The Longest Night Sea. Rolling hillsides nestle between the two mountain ranges that protect the countryside from northern bitter winds. The Buckeye Butterfly often crosses from The Upper Meadows into The Hillside. This insect shares the region's butterflyweed and milkweed with the Black Swallowtail. As a result, both have been named colony Birth Butterflies. Mature hazelnut trees, flourishing on each hillside, provide homes for both Whimbles and Companion Tiny House Wrens. Each home is unique, built under and through the roots. Steps spiral upward from one story to another. The resident owl, the Hazelcus, raises its young in majestic spruce in The Blue and Emperor Mountains.

Denizens of The Hillside