Rudi and Sasha the Orchid Whimble Twins

Rudi and Sasha the Orchid Whimble Twins

Sasha, the first born, is larger than her brother. She is a very responsible Whimble, unlike her unpredictable twin, Rudi. He tends to be mischievous, and although it does no good whatsoever, his sister boxes his ears until they lie flat against his head while hers remain perked up.

They both delight in tending to the terrestrial lady slipper orchids and mushrooms as well as the many anemones and violets that grow about their home built into one of the many hillocks dotting the colony.

The twins are climbers with a mission. Rudi builds the most elaborately lightweight ladders from curly willow branches. He and his sister lean them against one orchid after another and climb up to the highest rung. There, they thread strong silk twist from one lady slipper to another to pin their freshly washed bloomers, shirts, vests and blouses onto these lines to dry in the fresh morning air. Or, on the annual Day of Hearts, they hang all sizes of unique handmade hearts from one line to the next. During the long summer, they decorate these lines with round pearly paper lanterns that reflect the bright moonlight.

But, the fun really begins when they create a carefully sewn present for another Lumenesian friend that they hide in an orchid pouch bloom or somewhere amongst the wildflowers surrounding their home. The lucky recipient is asked to go on a “Treasure Hunt. ” Sasha gives out the first clue that will take him to the next and the next until he finally discovers his prize. The twins and their Companion, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon, enjoy planning and playing this game throughout the year.