The Grasslands

Home to The Orchid Whimble Colony, The Grasslands are northwest of The Coves. Meadows slope upward toward The Spine, patterned with crisscrossing pathways leading to both Anciennan and Lumenesian neighbors. The Pearl River and The Spine border the colony to the west; The Whispering River to the east. Cool breezes flow down from The Spine’s mesa, and the two rivers provide ideal weather for many colorful species of terrestrial lady slipper orchids and mushrooms as well as delicate aromatic wild flowers and herbs. Among them are both white and lavender violets and several varieties of mint. The Fritillary Butterfly flourishes in this region and is King Thaddeus’ chosen Birth Butterfly for the Orchid Whimbles. Their caterpillars could not survive without the violet; the adults feed on the mint flower nectar. The indigenous macadamia nut tree provides a home to the resident owl, Macadus, the colony’s protector.

Denizens of The Grasslands