The Savannah

This peninsula northwest of The Rose Sea Coast is flanked to the east by Luna Falls cascading south into The Emerald River. The blue-green water of The Emerald Sea follows this territory northward. After submerging into The Emerald River, The Spinal Split snakes south through The Savannah and continues into the sea where it disappears down into the water’s depths. Fig trees abound below The Spinal Split. With strong roots that seek groundwater, these shade trees protect flora and fauna, particularly during intense heat. Sun loving, the passionflower vine grows abundantly alongside the fig, providing the host plant for the territory’s Longwing Butterfly. North of The Spinal Split, where weather is continually hot and dry, ancient baobab trees support life on The Savannah, providing reservoir, shade, fruit, and home for a hierarchy of animals.

Denizens of The Savannah