The Luna Forest

The Luna forest flourishes northeast of The Savannah. With the exception of its southern border, this territory is completely surrounded by water. Its western coastline is framed by the warm waters of the southern Emerald Sea that merge with the cold waters of the northern Star-Filled Sea. The sacred waters of The Eternal Spring crown Luna Forest, and the magnificent Luna Falls begins its descent just below the spring, defining the territory to the east. The Scented Blue Lotus, opening each dawn, is the jewel at the center of the spring, and saucer magnolias ring the pool. Their pink early spring blooms mirror the lotus shape, and the perfume of flowers is carried downstream by the falls. Luna moths are abundant here. Moonflowers provide the perfect host for the caterpillar and the magnolias an ample umbrella of daily shade and sturdy trunks on which the moths may rest. This animal’s stunning green beauty and peaceful presence are unsurpassed in Caelumen.

Denizens of The Luna Forest