Where There is Love, There is Life - quote by Mahatma Gandhi

Stafford the Tiny Tree Frog here, dressed for the most magical time of the year. We visitors from Caelumen are looking forward to Longest Night when we will retell our most beloved legend. It is our custom for our wise Anciennans to be the storytellers. This year Pax the Lion will gather many of us about him for this celebrated event.

We all honor Pax who comes from a home nestled into a curve of The Emerald River in the southern Savannah of our Land. The sound of the gently flowing water on its endless journey to the sea brings him the serenity he seeks. He walks daily along the river pathways, stopping to admire a terrestrial orchid here, a staghorn fern there. Butterflies light on his shoulder. Birds follow his every move. All manner of animal surround him. They, like ourselves, want to be close to the lion with such love in his heart. Wherever he goes, harmony, peace and life abound.

It's the very first day of December on Earth. I have been speaking to Pax at length today. He has a hope for all to practice. He wishes for you to lead with your hearts for in doing so you will lighten your world throughout not only this month but also during the year to come. (la fin from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)