Early Spring on Penstemon Farm

Penstemon Farm I'm Stafford and pleased to be posting to you on this sunny early spring morning at Penstemon Farm.  The Whimbles, their Companions, and Friends arrived here from The Land of Caelumen year ago on a morning much like this.

Stafford I remember it as if it were yesterday. This earthly place was chosen just for us. We knew because Penstemon Farm was bathed in sunshine exactly like the daylight in our colonies so far away. It brought us joy and gave us the energy to go about building our new homes here. We began settling in and meeting The Farm's residents that very day. 

Vignette: PF Residents

We've been inspired by so much around us.  Just take a look at the similarities between our choice of color and Nature's. 

 The yellow in our wee cottages mirror The Upper Meadow iceland poppy.

Small Whimble Cottage 6.5"

The shamrock nestled into thyme and the clematis complement the nearby grape colored tree. 

 The budding peony petals reflect the pink limbs of our Small Penstemon Grove tree holding a precious Woodland Whimble Nested Egg.

Nested Egg

The lupin harmonizes well with the slender yellow tree.

Scribe Warren Rabbit

This yellow tree, the largest of The Small Penstemon Grove, houses the youngest rabbit member of The Scribe Warren. Her name is Etoile. She is magical, a star fallen from our spring night sky. The yellow tree is proud to have her as a guest.

I've a surprise for you. I made it myself - a beaded wire glittering ladder. I created it for the yellow tree but, now, of course, every tree wants one. 

Wee Beaded Wire Ladder

We keep busy, ever so busy. We must tend our gardens, do our spring cleaning, meet and greet one another, wait and watch for a new shoot or bloom or birth. Sometimes I need to get away from it all so I climb to my perch in The Small Penstemon Farm Grove. 

I wish I could jump like other frogs, but it's an issue for me. Etoile thinks I will indeed jump one day, and I have to be patient. 

What do you think?  


(la fin from The Penstemon Farm - Earth)