Summer Solstice Animal Court of Enchantment Visits Penstemon Farm

Both planets Jupiter and Venus were visible when Etheric rose up from Penstemon Farm's underground Spring. Dawn followed. The pink lotus opened. Water sprayed the onlookers when the sea unicorn shook her mane. Sun bounced off her pearl and shell headdress.  Slowly she came toward them, bowing. 

Etheric the Sea Unicorn was the last and the least expected of The Animal Court of Enchantment to arrive for Summer Solstice.  She greeted the two who preceded her:  Phoebe the Pig and Fiona the Frog.

Phoebe gave a puffing happy excited snort while the frog filled her cheeks up with all the love in her. Both had dressed in finery for this magical transitory moment. They were at once exhilarated and sad. Visits of The Animals of Enchantment were always infrequent and short.

Penstemon residents -  Whimbles, Companions, and Honorary Friends - were entranced. The longest day of the year often brought members of the ancient Animal Court but only tales of the sea unicorn had been heard. Now, here she was before them. 

Shyly, Clementine the Duck came forward. The unicorn nuzzled her neck. Clementine nuzzled back with her beak. 

Next, Wilhemina Wisc, an Extraordinary Lamb, trotted through the pansies to the water's edge to honor this beautiful being.

The Scribe Rabbit Warren watched from the tall grasses. They would surely journal about this day.  

For all the Penstemon Farm animals, what followed was a dream. Both Phoebe and Fiona spoke quietly with Etheric. Then, all three faded into the intense sunshine.  

Those left behind agreed when dusk fell. magic could happen like that on a Summer Solstice at Penstemon Farm. 

(la fin from Penstemon Farm - Earth)