Spring Saturday Farmer's Market

"Just dreamy, Gillian. This spring morning is perfect!" Annabelle declared as she and her Companion maneuvered through the branches in her thimballoon."

"These cherry trees must have come from Caelumen," continued Gillian as they landed. "They're just like the ones lining the pathway to the Orchid Twins home."

"So true, little mouse. When we flew below the branches it was as if they snowed blossoms" replied Annabelle.

"Miss Martha and Master Jock are ready to leave. It's time to follow them to the first Spring Farmer's Market."

"Hi Annie and Gil," cried both Orchid Twins, Sasha and Rudi, riding their Companion, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon. "We're joining in the fun."

Both thimballoon and dragon hovered just above Miss Martha and Master Jock while they decided upon dairy products and one fresh vegetable after another.

When all was said and done, the purchases were washed and carefully arranged for the most delicious meals ever. 

That evening Annabelle and Gillian were proud to present a dinner never to be forgotten.  Their menu:

Sashimi grade tuna pan seared with garlic & parsley butter

roasted pumpkin seeds on a bed of steamed nettles 

sliced spring turnips dribbled with toasted sesame oil

topped with sweet pea shoots and served with Israeli couscous.

(la fin from Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)