Studio Windows

"Rudi. Let's tell our 'Studio Windows' story."

"Perfect, Sasha. Do you think Elspeth would like to join us?"

"Of course I would, you two! I hate being left out." declared the elfin dragon spiraling down from her spin around the two Patios.

"Why don't you begin, then, Elspeth." Rudi suggested.

"That's a fine idea, Rudi."

Seated on her favorite mossy bed beneath the Japanese maple, Elspeth curled her tail gracefully around two delicate perennial geranium stems and began the story. "When Miss Martha's Studio was being constructed, I loved flying in and out of her windows. They didn't have glass for quite awhile, remember?"

"Do we ever remember. It seemed we could never keep the rooms clean no matter how we broomed up every night after the workmen left," said Sasha.

"Well, it wasn't very pretty outside those windows either. There was just a barren parking lot, not an inviting view."

"That's for certain, Elspeth. But, one day you landed on Miss Martha's shoulder and whispered in her ear."

"I sure did. She got so excited she started dancing. Do you both remember?"

"We danced with her on top of the painter's table even though we didn't even know why she was so happy. But, soon she told us and every other Whimble in hearing distance."

"Our Elspeth has the grandest idea," Miss Martha began. "She thinks we need to sandblast these pretty round windows. First, though, we'll need a stencil to apply to the glass in order to create an inspired design. Won't that be a fine solution to the parking lot view?"

Rudi continued, "We all thought that was the best idea ever because the windows would be lovely, and yet the light would still be fine for our lady slipper orchids and ferns to flourish."

"Now then, Elspeth, you had one more wonderful thought, even better than the first," Sasha added.

"Yes, Sasha. I think it was a good idea. The windows needed decoration.  We had brought finely faceted crystal from Caelumen, gifts from the Tunnelers before we left. They are all the colors of the rainbow. Both you and Rudi climbed up on your highest ladder to adhere each one to the windows."

"They were beautiful but no more so than all the shades of your scales, Elspeth."

Elspeth blushed, unwound her tail, stood tall, flapped her wings and lifted up, up, up. Soon, she executed one "loop de loop" after another. This story was a memory that brought joy to all. (la fin from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)