Manning's Summer Patios Part I

Our warm weather came in fits and starts this year.  My Companion the Tiny Tree Frog, Stafford, and I couldn't decide when or, for that matter, where to begin.  You see, the past winter was an unusually cold one for Atlanta, Georgia. Sadly, both perennials and shrubbery were lost on our two Patios.  

In early May we took our first action step. We purchased two new redbud trees: a little woody and a lavender twisted weeping.  Miss Martha was so happy when she spied them at the nursery that she and Stafford both jumped up and down.  We also decided on both small specimen of mahonia and arborvitae for the window boxes.  

My heartmate, Sophie, picked out the perennials.  First, she chose pink penstemon for our resident hummingbird.  Its delicate stems and flowers cascade over the window boxes and mingle well with the white bell shaped campanula and popcorn roses.  Second, she chose a pale pink anemone that will bloom in late July. Third, she fell in love with a grapefruit agastache that surely will  attract our friends, the butterflies. 

A delighted Staffie was appointed hanging basket specialist.  He chose colorful lantana and purslane which, he is happy to report, bloom in profusion.  

I was given the opportunity to decide on which vegetables and herbs to add to our window boxes.  I placed two sun gold cherry and silver fir tomatoes into the window boxes along with globe basil, arugula, and cucumbers. It seems that each and every plant has been ever so pleased in its new home. I sometimes go out in the evening to see if I can catch a glimpse of the tomatoes at work growing.

Martha made a purchase too with the help of Trolliver the Fancy Lamb.  He begged her to adopt a singularly adorable lamb planter to the Master Patio.  She did, and the rest is history.  Now, Trolliver's best patio friend sits proudly filled with autumn fern and a rapidly growing jade.  His name is Tomasino. Isn't he simply perfectly placed in his new home?  (to be continued from The Whimble Patios, Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)