Loop de Loop

"Whoooeee! Isn't this fun? Look at me go! The New Light of the year has done it again. It's grown brighter by the day, Spring has sprung, and I, for one, am on a happy roll."

Desdemona looked up in the air at the excited Elspeth the Elfin Dragon. Recently, the wee green anole had arrived back on Miss Martha's Patio to help The Whimbles plant their Spring Garden. All were in a celebratory mood although there was much work to complete while the nights were still cool and the days warming. Timing was the key, the anole reminded herself. It always evaporated so fast each and every year.

"I love watching you, Elspeth, but we are all busy planting. You need to 'loop de loop' down to the Patios to help." And so she did, singing all the way.

"Here we go loop de loop Here we go loop delight Here we go loop de loop All on a wee dragon's flight." (la fin from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)