In the Fullness of Summer Part I

"We're right over your head, Master Jock!" exclaimed Elspeth the Elfin Dragon. Her riders, Sasha and Rudi, the Orchid Twins, were giggling.

"We followed you and Miss Martha. You didn't even know," Rudi said excitedly. "It was our secret!"

Elspeth flew ahead of both walkers. She was attracted by the pretty blooms on the front gate of a home two doors beyond. "Oh my! Look how enchanting this is!" Sasha stated breathlessly. The elfin dragon landed gracefully on the gate and riders dismounted. Both expert climbers, the twins were soon right inside the gate, running to one plant and then another.

"I love this Japanese Maple!" Rudi exclaimed. In no time they were up in its branches.

Suddenly, two very kindly looking gentlemen came out the front door.

No one could hide. Elspeth was so upset that she let out a burst of Suddendragonfire. But, the two men just smiled. It seemed they were happy to see the wee folk playing in their garden.

Soon introductions were made all around. This lovely garden and home belongs to Midtown Atlantans Chad and Hanon Pembroke Prescott. They were ever so gracious and offered to show the group both front and back gardens. (to be continued from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)