Ice Cubes

"Trolliver here. I'm the Pillow Whimble Companion Fancy Lamb. I've been chosen to tell you about an idea that excites each and every Whimble and Companion. As you know we all love plants. We've been helping Miss Martha create many lovely terrariums. We think the clear glass makes any space larger. It's almost as if nothing is there. Some are covered and tall, some are not.

I like to sit under the oncidium orchid in the round low terrarium filled with crystals. I can see the Patio from there where so much is always going on: Birds at the bird feeder, Manning and Sophie pruning the miniature boxwoods under the Japanese Maple, Annabelle supervising everyone in her Thimballoon. The Pillow Whimbles and I have been responsible for watering each terrarium. This has been quite a challenge for us. No matter how we try, water sprays onto the terrarium glass. We have to climb down into the containers and wipe off the sides. This is quite difficult and time consuming.

But, guess what? Miss Martha discovered the answer to our dilemma. She went to a restaurant recently decorated with many terrariums. Each was filled with healthy handsome plants, and the glass sparkled. She asked how did they keep them so fresh looking. And, guess what? They use ICE CUBES! They carefully place ice cubes in each container where the ice melts slowly to hydrate the plants. 

Well now, don't you think that is a grand idea? We certainly do. Now the Orchid Whimble, Rudi, rides his Companion, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon, down into a terrarium. She carries one ice cube in each of her saddle bags. When she hovers close to the plants, Rudi simply drops one cube onto the moss surrounding the plants. This takes some time but, with Pillow Whimble supervision, the result is magnificent: well hydrated plants and perfectly clear glass! Bravo!" (la fin from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)