Heart Day Passementerie

"Jacob! Hand me the thread, please."

The Hillside Whimble brothers were putting the finishing touches on the vertically wall mounted mirror frame. They were preparing for Valentine's Day, a holiday known to all Whimbles as Day of Hearts. To celebrate, they had been placing all sorts and sizes of hearts throughout Miss Martha and Master Jock's home.

"Just look at that rain and those bleak grey skies outside? While in here, a cheerful fire warms us, and we are surrounded by all our Day of Hearts' decorations. What a difference, Wendell!"

"Yes, Jacob, it's ever so merry in here. I've just completed stitching this rosy heart. The mirror now has a fine embellished border. Are you as pleased with the results as I am?"

"You bet! I think the silk and velvet ribbons that we've tied over the copper wire created just the right rich colorful texture. Also, what a splendid idea our Companion Brill had to add the spools of golden thread! Miss Martha told us that this antique thread has gold metal in it?"

"I remember her saying so, Jacob. It's similar to the shimmering threads we used to tailor Caelumen's magical "Coats of Light."

"It was such a pleasure sewing with those, Wendell. Let's use some of this thread for our next creation!"

The two brothers stood back from their latest achievement. They both agreed that this Day of Hearts would be a most welcome celebration. (la fin from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)