A Peek at The Whimble Patios Part II

Both my twin sister, Sasha, and I love to garden. During summers in The Grasslands of Caelumen, our wee homes, built into hillocks, are covered with emerald green moss, dotted with blooming lady slipper orchids and colorful mushrooms. Our Companion, Eslpeth the Elfin dragon, watches over these terrestrial beauties night and day. She also flitters about with the fritillary butterflies feasting on the mint flowers in our kitchen garden. 

After traveling to Earth, Sasha, Elspeth, and myself are ever so happy to tend to Miss Martha's two Patios. We greet each other every morning as the sun rises. My sister and I water every window box and container while Elspeth flies back and forth between the two Patios making certain there are no dry spots.

The elfin dragon loves the smaller Patio. It seems more intimate to her. The cafe table provides a perfect spot for a candlelight dinner or continental breakfast. Prince Pasha is also very fond of it as you can see. Lanterns, hung from hand dyed ribbon, grace two sides of the enclosed spaces. A fountain flows serenely.

A hummingbird visits both morning and night. She flies from the handsome Victorian building adjacent to the Patio where The Savannah College of Art Atlanta has its Writing Center. In and out of blooms she flies. Elspeth sometimes follows her from one bloom to the next. She has told us her name is Clementine. She loves to see what is growing each day and which tomatoes have ripened.

Sasha says I complain about my work on the Patios. I think she's right.  Every day there is so much to do. Trimming back, turning soil, filling the fountains. It goes on forever even though both patios are small.  In truth I want to  to be like Miss Martha. She says, "It's my pleasure. I like to do this work and look at the fruits of our labor - so much bounty and beauty!" (la fin from Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)