The First Snowfall Part IV

A splendid sight was framed in the kitchen window. Moon and stars lighted snowflakes dancing merrily in the air. A white blanket of snow covered the garden. Newly formed icicles hung from oak limbs.

In moments the two were dressed in warm coats, scarves, mitten and little snow boots. Gillian opened the door for Annabelle. Together they raced pell-mell into the Sweet Pea Garden.

They danced round and round, catching snowflakes on their tongues. They twirled and twirled until they dizzily fell to the ground, laughing until their tummies ached.

Catching his breath, Gillian cried in delight, "It's the first snowfall! Magical Light is here!"

"Yes, yes, yes, G! Magical Light is here!" echoed Annabelle joyously.

When all the whooping was over, the two caught their breath and trooped inside.

Annabelle's nose bobbed up and down. Gillian's whiskers twitched back and forth.

The scent of freshly-baked sugar cookies laced with vanilla was as intoxicating as the freshly fallen snow.

"Gillian, why don't you just put the cookie sheets on the windowsill to cool for a short time."

"I'd be ever so pleased, Annie B. In no time we will be decorating these treats to our hearts content."

Indeed, soon the Sweet Pea Whimble and her Companion were seated at the kitchen table. Colorful sugar flew around their heads, silver dragees rolled onto the floor and a rainbow of sprinkles spread everywhere. Outside the snow continued to fall as the morning sun peeked out from behind the oak trees. Icicles glittered like diamond necklaces.

Magical Light was everywhere.  (la fin from The Working Gardens - Caelumen)