The First Snowfall Part III

"Asking yourself a question again, Annie B?" queried Gillian the Tiny Field Mouse, closing the kitchen door behind him. "Why you know the answer. Of course your cookies will be the tastiest ever! We'll have to ask Elspeth to deliver some to the Orchid Twins. They'll be ever so pleased!"

Annabelle's Companion stretched. "Usually you wait to bake until after the sun is peeking through the oak trees? Why all this activity before dawn?"

"Swquork! The sneezes. I have the sneezes, Gillian. They woke me. My snoot was very cold from the chill in our cottage. So I made a little fire and got a head start on my holiday baking."

"It's very cold this morning. I wore my woolen headband, Annie. The wind almost blew me off my own porch when I set off for your door. It does feel ever so warm in here though. And,  look at your choice of cookie cutters - my personal favorites - especially those stars and moons."

"Me too, G," responded Annabelle, as she rolled out some sugar cookie dough. "Why don't you help me out?"

Soon snowmen, bells, pine trees, and sleighs joined stars and moons on two cookie sheets. Gillian whisked over to the stove, opened the oven door and the Sweet Pea Whimble popped in the first batch of cookies. Within minutes, the wee kitchen was filled with the heavenly scent of sweets baking. 

The two sat down to share a spot of jasmine tea and lovely toasted cinnamon muffins covered with butter and raspberry jam. 

After a bite or two of the muffin, Gillian's ears perked and wiggled furiously.

"Why Annie, I know why you're sneezing. That chill in the air, you know what that's about! No wonder you lighted a fire!"

Annabelle looked at her little Companion and best friend. A big smile spread from cheek to cheek. Together they jumped up and ran to the kitchen window. (to be continued from The Working Gardens - Caelumen)