Roots and Wings Part IV

"Roots and wings, roots and wings, giving us joy, making us sing," Fern trilled as she set the breakfast table in the sunny kitchen. The apple cinnamon pancakes were almost ready, the scent intoxicating.  

"What is the ditty you're singing?" Fern's mother asked.

"Why Momma, Elspeth sung it in the dream I had last night where we spent an entire afternoon and evening together in Highness, an ancient oak in our forest.  Have you ever seen him?" 

"No, sweetheart, I don't remember ever meeting Highness. Tell me all about the oak and visit."

"Momma, I know from this dream that I have to be older before I can fly or be a Solstice Rider." 

Fern's mother looked puzzled.  "I know how much you want to explore, have adventures far and wide. Flying will be a necessity."

Fern continued.  "Yes, it will.  But, both Highness and Elspeth taught me that I need to love and enjoy my family, my friends, my home first. They are my roots.  They need to be strong before I take flight and venture beyond The Grasslands.  Highness has grown deep and broad roots over many years.  They stretch out beneath the soil to steady and balance his branches.  He can reach to the tippy top of the sky to see all of the Land of Caelumen.  

Understanding now, the faery mother stated, "Without those sturdy roots, Highness would topple down during one of our winter storms. Indeed, he needs his powerful roots."

"That's it, Momma, and one day when my roots are strong enough I'll fly over land and sea.  I will visit all that Highness sees."

"You may go beyond our Caelumen, Fern, into strange night skies, seeing even more than Highness. Today, though, while we eat breakfast, you must teach me your dragon dream ditty, and afterward I'll tell you stories. Won't that be ever so fine?"

Before long, both faery mother and child were humming in unison.

 "Roots and wings, roots and wings, giving us joy, making us sing."  

(la fin from The Grasslands, Lumenesia - Caelumen)