Roots and Wings Part III

Fern woke bathed in the brilliance of mooonglow. Insects chattered all around her. 

"Highness, you most majestic oak! What a fine night to climb to your very tippy top!" she spoke to the tree excitedly. 

The fireflies, intermingling with rustling oak leaves, led her higher and higher until…

"Oh my!" she exclaimed from the tree's uppermost limb. "I can see so much of Caelumen." She turned northward. In the distance stood Lumenesia's Blue Mountains and The Whispering River running down toward The Pearl Sea. Pivoting to the south, she saw mist rising above Ancienna's Emerald Sea and the cliffs of The Rose Sea Coast. 

With a whoosh of wings, Elspeth joined her.

"Elspeth, how magnificent our land is! Look at all the wonders to explore."

The elfin dragon smiled. "Yes, Fern, our Caelumen is a thriving land. Look a little closer now at the Whimble Colonies, so alive with beauty."

The faery looked carefully, first seeing the welcoming lights from the northern homes in The Upper Meadows.

"Look there, Elspeth! I think I see my grandparents' cottage. Yes, yes. There is Grandpere leaning from his windowsill. We always like to look together at the brightly lit sky on fine summer nights." 

"You're the lucky one. Your eyesight is keen, See if you recognize another cottage nestled into a Grassland hillock."

Fern turned left and south.  Indeed, one cottage in The Grasslands was brighter to her than the others. It sparkled with lantern candlelight strung over the entrance.  

"It's my home, my very own home. I'd recognize it anytime. I bet I'm missing Momma's mushroom pie and her freshly-baked dinner bread.  My favorites!" 

The faery was quiet for some time, staring first at one, then the other of the two cottages. Tears welled and overflowed.  Using a delicate wing to wipe them away, she spoke, "Elspeth, I miss my family. I miss my cozy bed and soft blanket. I miss my home. I miss the path between our home and yours. I miss Rudi and Sasha." 

She paused for a moment and then added, "I don't think I want to go exploring just yet."

The dragon replied, "Your family, friends, and home are your roots. Cherish them, learn from them, nurture them. How do you think Highness, this ancient oak, has grown to be so tall and strong?"

"His roots." 

"Exactly.  Highness has deep roots beneath the soil that stretch down and also out as far as his branches do.  They anchor, steady, and balance him."  

"So when I fly, will I feel more steady and balanced, Elspeth?" she questioned, pulling the dragon close to her.

"But, of course. You will fly when your roots are deep enough to give you confidence to spread your beautiful wings and soar above all of Caelumen to the adventures that await you!"

The elfin dragon began singing softly.

Roots and wings, roots and wings, giving us joy, making us sing.

  (to be continued from The Grasslands, Lumenesia - Caelumen)