Roots and Wings Part II

"Elspeth, you and the twins must visit the new vegetable garden grandpere and I planted. Tomato, cucumber, and squash vines are winding up the trellises. Bring your saddle baskets with you to take home not only vegetables but also the ripe strawberries in our raised bed."

"Fern, we would be ever so pleased to help you harvest. We'll come bearing gifts from our grassland wildflower garden - white violet and anemone, galax, and a pink poppy."

"You're always bringing welcome additions to our rock garden, Elspeth. You'll be surprised too. The pink oyster mushrooms growing there are perfect."

"The most delectable scent of baking drifted from your cottage to ours this past week. Rudi and Sasha were beside themselves. They love your grandmere's cookies and tarts."

"You do too my friend. So, close your eyes. I have a special treat! " declared the faery. She reached into her pocket pouch for the tiny package that contained three macaroons, the elfin dragon's favorite cookie. 

As Elspeth munched, Fern continued enthusiastically, "My grandparents left early today. They will travel north. I wonder what they will see on the pathways to their home in The Upper Meadows. 

I want to travel too, all on my own.  I want to explore every forest and stream and meadow from the Lumenesian Colonies to the Anciennan Territories.  I want to begin this very day!"

"Whoa!" exclaimed the dragon. "What do you mean, travel on your own and on this very day?" 

Fern's head bobbed up and down. "As soon as I can, I will go off to see all of Caelumen!" 

Elspeth smiled. "One day when you are able to fly, you will also be my rider. Then, you will learn much about our land on our many adventures.  For now you must be patient and learn something else. You must know all about your roots." 

Fern looked up at her friend, perplexed. "My roots?" 

The faery picked up one slippered foot to see if tiny roots were growing there. None were poking out. 

Elspeth laughed. "Not that kind, little one.  I mean your family, friends, and home. You begin your story with them, the story that will make your wings strong and your flying steady."  

Fern snuggled between Elspeth's two front legs, resting her head on her chest. Quiet and deep in thought, she yawned once, twice, thrice. The sun-dappled oak tree swayed in the afternoon breeze. Soon both elfin dragon and faery were lulled asleep (to be continued from The Woodlands, Lumenesia - Caelumen)