Diving in The Pearl Sea Part V

With the precious pearl-filled pouch securely refastened to her diving outfit, Annabelle explored the sea's beauty her new friend, Marcella the Mermaid.

The mermaid stopped to say hello to an old friend, Ollie the Octopus. Ollie blinked three times when he saw Annabelle. He had never seen any creature like her before. He was curious.

The octopus reached an arm out to touch the Whimble's mask. Sluuup. The arm's suction cups grabbed the glass. When she saw those little cups from the other side of her mask, Annie B.'s heart raced. Trembling from head to toe, she sank slowly to the sea floor. Sluuup. The suction cups released their grip.

The next thing Annabelle saw was Ollie's eye peering into the mask. Marcella stroked the frightened Whimble's head, and slowly she revived. Carefully, the mermaid helped her to her feet, having instructed Ollie to keep his arms to himself.

The three explored the coral reef. Annabelle was breathing evenly again. Ollie pointed upward. Drifting above them was the most elaborate jellyfish. "Oh me! Oh my!" Annie B exclaimed. "What colors! I wish Gillian was here to see this creature. She reminds me a little of my Thimballoon. I wonder if my watchmouse would think so too?

Just then, Annabelle felt a tug on her oxygen hose. She looked up. The Thimballoon's ladder, although barely visible, surely was there. She gave the hose a return tug.

"I've had such an adventure," she said to herself, "but I do believe it's time I returned to my Companion and Thimballoon." (to be continued from The Pearl Sea)