Diving in The Pearl Sea Part IV

Annabelle reached down to touch the pearls. She felt a tug behind her and turned to see the mermaid shaking her head back and forth. Her hair swirled madly about her.

The Whimble put her hand up to her mask."Oh! Oh, dear me!" she cried out, madly swimming away.

The mermaid stopped her, pointed to the little pocket pouch attached to the diving suit and held out her hand. Annie quickly unfastened the pouch and placed it into the outstretched hand before her. The mermaid smiled and swam back to the oysters. Annabelle followed.

The mermaid ran her hands lightly over the shells. She spoke to each and every oyster. Seconds later, many shells shut firmly. Others, however, remained wide open. The mermaid carefully took a pearl from exactly twelve of these generous oysters. She kissed each shell as she moved from one to another. Bubbles poured from the twelve oysters for several moments. Having gifted their precious creation to their most beloved friend, they were spent and closed their shells slowly.

One by one, the mermaid dropped the pearls into the small pouch. She tied it, swam to Annabelle and gave it back to the Whimble. Recovering from this spectacle she had witnessed and the dozen pearls in her pouch, Annie B. somersaulted all over the sandy sea floor. She had never been happier.

In the Thimballoon, however, Gillian frowned. He looked up at the sun. It had moved from the East upward toward its apex in the sky. The tiny mouse hardly saw his shadow now. He was concerned.

"Where is she? Who could possibly know? Certainly not me, her trusted Companion!" he muttered emphatically over and over to himself.

The watchmouse took action. He tugged on the oxygen line and waited. Finally, there was an answering tug. He breathed deeply, hoping that returned tug meant she was on her way back up to the Thimballoon and him.

"Who knows what lurks in this Pearl Sea, for goodness sake! Why does she have to be such an adventurer?I like it so much more when we are baking in our cozy Sweet Pea kitchen. I wish we were there together right now!" he declared. (to be continued from The Pearl Sea)