Diving in The Pearl Sea Part II

Morning dawned clear and bright. It was a fine day for sailing the skies. Gillian, at the ready, helped Annabelle into the Thimballoon. Off they set for the Pearl Sea.

"I'm going to dive down, down deep into those blue waters, Gillian. I know that 's where I'll find pearls to bring back with us. They'll just look smashing dangled from my sparkling stars."

"I'll never forget making those stars, Annie. Our helpers, Sasha and Rudi tracked glitter from the front door all the way to the sweet pea patch."

Gillian was silent for a moment. They sailed higher, fast approaching the Water Whimble Colony and the sea beyond.

The mouse cleared his throat. "Now Annabelle, are you certain about doing this? Remember your recent dream? You traveled with Thanu to the northern sea. You wanted to take stars from the water, but your net came up empty. You know why now, don't you?" he asked.

Annabelle rolled her eyes.

Gillian answered. "The stars belong in the sea. They are happy there. That is their home. They want to stay there."

The Whimble's snoot bobbed up, down and round. "This time I'm not dipping my net into this sea, she stated emphatically. "I'm deep sea diving and look, what else?"

Annabelle waggled her little hands at her Companion. They were encased in gloves that were part of her diving ensemble.

"These gloves have wee pincers. If an oyster is open, I can just pluck, pluck, pluck the pearl right out from it. I'll only take a few. Well, maybe a dozen. I'm hoping for pink ones."

Gillian frowned. "How lucky for those oysters!" He knew it was no use arguing. He would surely lose.

While they talked, the Thimballoon sailed over land to sea. Gillian cast anchor and carefully lowered a skinny ladder. He tethered it in place, tying double knots and checking them each three times. He knocked on the dressing room door. "Okay, Annie B, all systems are a-go!"

The mouse held his breath. The door below opened. There she was, clad in pale yellow diving suit and helmet. "Billian, shoo are a bood bood pen!" she said, snoot smushed into the helmet.

Gillian patted her back. "Yes, I know, we are good friends!" Annabelle lumbered over to the little ladder. She swung her leg over the Thimballoon. When she stepped gingerly on the first rung, her body tipped back precariously.

"Oh, oh!" she cried.

Gillian grabbed her hand. She righted herself and slowly climbed down, giving a thumbs up as she dipped into the water. Her Companion, ever vigilant, watched as she slowly disappeared into the clear water and grew smaller and smaller. The tiny field mouse was worried. (to be continued from The Pearl Sea)