A Whimbly Fourth of July Part III

After a sumptuous brunch, everyone rested. Little Gwyenth found a spot on a comfortable window seat where she curled her tail and closed her eyes. Gillian tiptoed up to her.

"Do you like your blue crystal?" he whispered in her ear.

The tiny blue crystal lay in her lap. She opened her eyes and smiled. "I love it, Gillian. It is perfect."

"I'm ever so pleased, ever so pleased, Gwyn!" Gillian's ears turned a brilliant pink and quivered fiercely.

Soon, mice and several others were asleep. They didn't wake until the afternoon shadows lengthened.

Preparations were made for the First Annual Fourth of July Thimballoon race. Stafford hopped about, checkered flag in flipper. Three, two, one. Lift off.

Annabelle took the lead. Anise gained on her. Both Whimbles were neck and neck. Annie B. fastened her plumed hat more firmly on her head, set her little snoot and riveted her eyes on the finish line. The Sweet Pea Whimbles took their Thimballooning skills very, very seriously. Faster and faster they sailed to cross the line together. It was a draw.

"Well flown, Thimballooned ladies, well done, well done!" exclaimed Stafford. He hopped forth to hand each Whimble a trophy. The two curtsied. Annabelle cleared her throat for her acceptance speech. 

Stafford, ever the diplomat and anticipating her words, declared, "Later, later, Annie. Both of you come along, come along. A fine victory meal awaits!"

Everyone danced their way to a table under the oak trees. Candles glowed, crystal twinkled, magical lanterns floated above. Whimbles and Companions sipped iced champagne. For dessert they enjoyed strawberries dipped in chocolate, raspberries, blueberries and lots of whipped cream.

As they "Oooh'd" and "Ahhh'd," all agreed that this Fourth of July had been a splendiferous day. (la fin from Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)