A Whimble Thanksgiving Part III

The Woodland Whimble cottage pulsated with anticipation. Scrumptious scents wafted from the kitchen. Lighted candles glowed throughout the home and on the carved walnut chandelier. Beautiful harvest leaves in shades of cocoa, rust, and mustard gold created a path down the middle of the dining table. Cream colored china gleamed atop gold and silver chargers with borders carved with acorns. Crystal and silver twinkled in the soft candlelight.

The sun was setting when Manning and Brill returned home. Brill chirped madly when the Woodland Whimble emptied his pockets."Oh, my! Manning!" Sophie gasped."What an assortment of acorns! They are perfect! And Brill, thank you for being a good friend and helping him out. What a finishing touch on my table"

Sophie hugged her heartmate. Their feathers intermingled in a tender whispering. Beak rubbed against beak. Manning's heart swelled to see Sophie happy. The simplest acts brought her joy: a winter walk in the forest, a sighting of the first snowdrop in Spring, a wildflower bouquet in Summer, and now, with the onset of Winter and Magical Light, acorns. He watched as she quickly added these newly found gifts onto her dining table decoration. Everywhere Manning looked, his home glistened with love and beauty.

Friends from each Lumenesian Colony arrived. Everyone gathered around the table, appetites whetted. Joining hands, they bowed their heads to wait for Manning's prayer.

"We are gathered here tonight to give thanks for the splendid bounty before us. It symbolizes the richness we have for all of our friendships that endure and grow from year to year. May we share many more memorable meals together."

Everyone raised their glasses, and soon a fine meal was enjoyed by all.

Some time later Hillside Whimble Daphne withdrew to the kitchen. Sophie followed. Noticing their absence, Manning joined them. Both females were filling small boxes with food. The entrance door was ajar. All at once, Manning heard wingbeats."I don't know what is going on here, and I don't know how to help," he stated, emphatically.

Sophie smiled."We have boxes with food to share throughout The Woodlands. Elspeth the Elfin Dragon will fly to them."
Although he knew that time was of the essence, Manning turned to caress the dragon's wee head at the kitchen doorway. Moments later, he watched as she took flight on her mission into the cold starlit night. (la fin from The Woodlands - Caelumen)