A Whimble Thanksgiving Part II

Hillside Whimbles, Wendell and Jacob, arrived at the Woodland cottage after Manning left on his quest. The brothers brought their newest harvest creation, wee hand sewn treasure-filled pouches for each dinner guest. Sophie was ever so enchanted.

Brill, the Hillside brothers' Companion house wren landed briefly to greet Sophie and Companion Stafford the Tiny Tree Frog before flying off to join Manning along The Oak Forest path.

"You will discover the finest acorns to be had in all of Caelumen!" she chirped in greeting her Woodland friend. "I know that determined glint."

"How fine of you to join me on my search, Brill, and what a delight you are with your wings all aglow in the sunlight!" responded the Whimble.

Brill landed on Manning's shoulder. They chatted and laughed, following the winding pathway deeper into the forest. 
All at once, Manning tripped.

"Oops, ouch!" he exclaimed.

"What was that? I tripped on something hard."

 Manning had stumbled over an oak root.

"What is that little brown cap poking out right next to the root? Do you see it?" the wren asked excitedly, flying about in circles above the path.

"Hmmm," Manning muttered. Leaning over to sweep the topsoil and leaves away, he grabbed the root and pulled. After huffing, puffing and tumbling backwards, a golden brown acorn popped up right next to his feet.

"Oh, me! Oh, my!" Brill trilled. "Look at that beauty!"

Manning rose, brushed himself off, and began investigating the nearby leaf-strewn carpet. Brill hopped along beside him pecking here and there. Soon the two uncovered some extraordinarily large capped perfect acorns which they dropped into one or another of the Whimble's copious vest pockets.

"I've had to take the path into the heart of the forest to find our prize, but won't Sophie be ever so pleased, Brill?"

"Of course she will," warbled the wren."Let's only take just enough plump ones to decorate her holiday table. It wouldn't be fair to take too many. Our forest friends need them for nourishment during the winter months."

"Right you are, Brill. It's always best to take only what you need and leave the rest... always!" Manning affirmed.

(to be continued from The Woodlands - Caelumen)