L'Onion and Whitey

Trolliver the Lamb here, Delaney the Pillow Whimble's Companion. I have two very good friends. Their names are "L'Onion", which is French for onion, and "Whitey." L'Onion is a small lamb, not as tiny as I am, but small just the same. Whitey is large and grown up. They were both created in France by shepherds who carve them during the winter when they have returned their flocks from the mountains and have time to whittle. 

You know that Delaney is also a shepherd and a whittler. While he watches his flock from under a tree in The Upper Meadows, Delaney carves one ram or ewe. He is renown in our kingdom in Caelumen for his carvings that are called Fancy Lambs.

As our Longest Night approaches every year, Delaney and I decide which ribbon collars we will tie onto our two friends for the holiday celebration. Don't you think the two look festive with their vintage ribbons? We certainly do." (la fin from Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)