The Snow Temple Thanksgiving Message

Long ago King Thaddeus summoned myself, Eliza, and my heartmate, Ezra, to live at Sky Castle in the northernmost territory of Caelumen. We are Anciennan Snow Temple Cats. Our king's wish was for us to fabricate illuminated manuscripts of our legendary tales. I am skilled at scribing. Ezra is the artist who illuminates each page. He creates miniature illustrations with a golden flourish here, a silver one there. The completed work is admired throughout all the realm. Thus, we have become known as The Chroniclers.

Each of our stories reflects a tenderness for our land and all it produces - Lumenesian Colony nut trees, Moss Valley herbs, The Working Gardens' vegetables, and, of course, The Upper Meadows' harvest pumpkins. Any lovingly prepared meal, whether simple or elaborate, is a celebration on Caelumen.

We feel great affinity for the thoughts of a very highly respected being on Earth. His name is the Dalai Lama. He comes from a country, Tibet, which reminds us of our Snow Temple Territory rising toward the sky. It is said that he believes each plant, even a grain of wheat, when used to create food eaten, is a sacrifice. But with its sacrifice, other life forms live. Thus, you humans may be well nourished and flourish, just as we are in Caelumen.

This week many of you will be celebrating one of your finest holidays, Thanksgiving. It is our hope that not only on that day but also throughout each year, you will honor the food that gives of itself in order to bring you contentment and sustenance.