A Midwinter Dream

Winter white swirls outside The Studio bay windows. The adjacent church peeking through the large oak and magnolia is magical in the afternoon light. A fire burns in The Studio fireplace. Jasmine tea is the afternoon treat.

My brother Jacob and myself are ever so busy carrying one fabric snippet after another to help Miss Martha complete creations of endearing angels.

This angelic series is entitled "Angel, Amelia-Babette." Constructed from wire, each dimensional piece stands approximately 5 1/2" high and is about 5" wide with the wing spread. We love to watch as the exceptional personality of each angel unfolds. China silk is sewn onto the wire to cover each body; feet are created from hand dyed silk velvet and a cape from felt embellished with the most enchanting beads and buttons. Even with our help each takes about 11 hours to complete. Not only is each body unique, but the face, drawn with color pencil dipped in water, is as singular as the snowflakes falling outside our window.

We love those that Miss Martha has thus far completed. They are considered Honorary Friends of The Whimbles. It is with both sadness and excitement that each is carefully packaged for either local or national delivery. Thankfully though, we know that angels can fly and look forward to visits from each who came into being as if in, "A Midwinter Dream." 

(la fin from The Studio, Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Earth)