The Frog, The Bee, and The Leprechaun Part I

Stafford hopped merrily along The Maple Forest path. The Tiny Tree Frog was on his way to The Fern Glen, one of his favorite spots in The Woodland Colony. With Winter's New Light waning and weather warming, it would already be greening up nicely. 

Buzz! Buzz!

"What is that buzzing in my ear?"


Stafford spotted a plump black and yellow bee. He swatted at it. "Go away! Shoo!"

The bee landed smack on the frog's forehead. Stafford's eyes crossed as he focused on the insect.

"Is that any way to greet an old friend?" questioned the bee.

"Bumbles? Bumbles, is that you? I might be able to see better if you'd land somewhere besides my head."

"I had to, so it seems. It was the only way to get your attention." Bumbles groused at his friend."I thought you'd forgotten me."

"How could I do that, Bumbles. After all, you helped me with my jumping issue. Certainly, if it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be doing as well as I am now."

"I've been watching you hop along. Very impressive indeed. Glad I could help. Now, though, I need your assistance."

"I'd be ever so pleased, Master Bumbles. Stafford at your command!" he replied, star staff at the ready.

"Many thanks. Come along. I'll explain on the way."   (to be continued from The Woodlands - Caelumen)