Diving in The Pearl Sea Part III

Underwater, Annabelle marveled at the beauty surrounding her. Filtered sunlight bounced off rainbow colored fish as they darted past her. Annabelle swam through seaweed, waving like tall grass in the current. She floated over white sand and continued toward an outcropping of blue-green coral.

The Sweet Pea Whimble spied a soft light outlining the coral. The closer she swam, the brighter the light. Suddenly, she saw her, hiding behind the large undulating coral. Annabelle gasped. Accompanied by a burst of bubbles, the mermaid was before her, tail swishing the sand this way and that. She smiled and reached for the Whimble's hand. Together they swam up and over the coral into glowing light.

"Oh, my! Oh, my!" Annabelle exclaimed. Below her were row after row of oysters. All open, they revealed the most luminous of pearls. She bent to look at the delicacy of color: white to ivory to grey to pink. Annie B. had never before seen any sight more magical. (to be continued from The Pearl Sea - Caelumen)